DishNET Satellite Internet

DishNET Rural Internet Service – 15 Mbps Download Speed

Plans Starting at only $39.99/mo*

$10 Off When you Bundle DishNET and DISH TV Services

DishNET Plans & Pricing

DishNET offers a data plan for any type of user. Whether you just check emails every so often or like to watch videos, DISH has a plan for you.

Internet 10 Plan

This plan is perfect for light users. This plan is capable of handling many hours online checking email and surfing the web. This plan is not recommended for those who stream more than an hour a day. Most of our customers start with this plan and if needed can always call in and upgrade.

Internet 10 PLUS Plan

This plan offers the same amount of data as the Internet 10 plan. The difference is if you run out of data during the month this plan will keep you at great speed for email and surfing the web. This plan is best suited for customers who do a lot of web surfing but not a lot of video.

Internet 50 Plan

This Internet 50 is for heavy internet users of homes with many family members. This plan gives you 50Gb of data during the day and an extra 50Gb in the morning hours! That is a ton of data for the whole family to enjoy!

Virtually Unlimited Satellite Internet

Plans & pricing vary by area. Please call in to confirm.

Bundle Your Internet with TV to Save BIG!

You will love DishNET and Dish TV service. How couldn’t you with blazing fast internet and awesome High Definition TV? This bundle is by far our most popular with rural customers who need TV and Internet. If you are thinking about a bundle call us right now and see why DISH is the way to go!

Benefits of Bundling DISH TV & Internet

  • Save $10 off Every Months Bill!
  • TV and Internet are on the Same Convenient Bill
  • Only One Provider to Call if you Need Any Help
  • Now Offering a 3 Year Guarantee on TV & Internet is Flat Rate

Contact us today and see why DISH TV and DishNET is a perfect comnination!