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Plans & pricing vary by area. Please call in to confirm plans and prices.

Virtually Unlimited Satellite Internet


Viasat now offers virtually unlimited internet in certain areas. This is huge for those used to low data caps with other satellite internet providers. These plans are great for all types of internet users but are especially built for those who love to stream movies and video like YouTube. Previously this would not be possible due to lower data limitations.

If you are rural and love to stream video make sure to see if Viasat plans are available in your local area!



Blazing Fast Viasat Speeds

Viasat internet is a perfect solution for rural homes that do not have access to cable based or DSL internet. The great thing about satellite is the availability. Where ever your home is satellite is available as long as you have a clear line of sight.

Satellite internet is now faster than ever. In most areas Viasat offers speeds up to 30mbps! At this speed you can watch HD video without interruption, download large files in a snap, and surf the web with no delay.

Viasat now offers affordable Rural satellite Internet plans! Call and set up Viasat today.

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*Prices, free installation, and availability subject to area. Please call to confirm.

Viasat (EXEDE) Customer Testimonials

Customers love Viasat and for a good reason. Viasat offers fast internet, competitive pricing, awesome customer support. Watch this short video of actual customers and how they feel about their service

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