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Exede Satellite Internet in Lyerly, GA 30730

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Exede Rural Internet Lyerly, GA

No matter where you live in Lyerly Exede has service available! Satellite internet is great those areas where cable and DSL internet is not available. In certain areas Exede offers blazing fast speeds of up to 25 mbps and virtually unlimited satellite plans with a massive data limit of 150GB! There has never been better satellite internet available to Lyerly, GA. Call us today to order Exede for your Lyerly County home!

High Speed Exede Internet Lyerly

Traditionally if you lived in the country in Lyerly, GA you would have to go with dial-up. Most of us remember those dial-up days and we know it was not very enjoyable. The good news is that there are better options available now. Exede offers super fast speeds of up to 25 mbps in certain areas! Compare that to dial-up at 0.1 mbps. This is a huge deal for rural Lyerly. To top it all off Exede offers awesome data plans. With no overages and in certain areas virtually unlimited plans. If your home is located out of Lyerly city limits, call us today. We have high speed satellite internet plans in Lyerly that you absolutely need to hear about.

Exede Prices Start at $39.99/mo*

Lighthouse is your Lyerly, GA Exede Satellite Internet Retailer

Call us to order Exede service in Lyerly today. Lighthouse has been selling satellite services for over 15 years. All of our representatives are fully trained and are up to date on current promotions. We believe that great customer service is the key to success. All of our representatives are located here in the United States and are standing by to help you. Call us and you will see why thousands of customers have decided to do business with us!

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